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Mike Blackledge -- http://www.mike.blackledge.com/bb.html

Surnames:  Blackledge/Blacklidge

Louise Rorer Rosett -- http://crumfamily.info/

Surnames:  Berrian, Crum, Douglass, Hunt, Smith

Carol Jones Wilson -- http://genealogy.portalstream.net/

Surnames:  Bogard/Bogart, Brinker, Browne, Burrell, Butler, Butter, Chapman, Compton, Davis, Day, Elmore, Harbin, Higdon, Hunter, Jones, McCarty, McKee, Miller, Neuenschwander, Powell, Reed, Rogers, Sanders/Saunders, Schick/Shick, Shope/Swope, Smith, Sturgeon, Triplett, Van Deman, Young

Michael Wilson -- http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mlwilson/

Surnames:  Brents, Bruchwalski, Curtis, Davis, Dukic/Dukich, Faus/Fauss, Gathright, Green, Kanouse/Knauss, Lange, Lino, Reeves, Rovnyak, Sandidge, Shadrick, Snyder/Schneider, Sommerlatte, Trinajstic/Trinaistich, Wilson, Zielonkiewicz

Rosemary McNerney Winkler -- http://www.mcnerneywinkler.com/

Surnames:  Abel/Abell, Early, Fitzgibbons, Feeney, Keys/Keyes, Long, McNerney/McInerney, Tischhauser, Woodward, Winkler

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