What's "New" at the Genealogy Center in the Albuquerque Main Library?

The Albuquerque Genealogical Society and its' Members purchase Books, CD-ROMs, Microfilms and other genealogy related materials from time to time and donate them to the Genealogy Center in the Albuquerque Main Library at 501 Copper, NW.

These items are listed here by "Foreign Country".  Select a COUNTRY to see what new research material has been donated.



"The Dynamite Fiend: the chilling story of Alexander Keith Jr., Nova Scotian spy, con artist, & international terrorist" by Ann Larabee, 2005; 234 pages; Hard Cover (Added November, 2016)

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"Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland" by Patrick Hanks, 2017; 3136 pages; Hard Cover. (Added 2017)

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"Germanic Genealogy"  A Guide to worldwide sources and migration patterns.  New and revised 3rd.  Edition 2007.  Published by Germanic Genealogy Society.  For beginning to advanced genealogists.  Includes regionally specific resources for Germany.  Expanded sections on Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.  New material for East, East Central and Southeast Europe also expanded and revised information for over 90 countries.  Updated chapter about the family history library.  More detailed information for Canada. Expanded list of gazetteers, atlases and maps.  Many websites for Internet research.  Over fifty percent more content than previous edition.

Included are country by country guides to resources.  Religious history and sources.  Germanic History and geography.  Societies, publishers, booksellers, periodicals and archives.  More and updated bibliographic entries.  German language genealogical terms.  This book is well-indexed, comprehensive, and easy to use reference.

"Grandduchy of Baden"  New second edition by Keban M. Hansen.  Map Guide to German Parish Registers.  Family Roots.

"The German Research Companion"   by Shirley J. Riemer, 2010; 706 pages; Soft Cover (Added 2017)

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"Irish Immigrant's of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank" Vol. I, 1850-1853   by Kevin J. Rich.   285 Pages, Hardbound.

"Irish Immigrant's of Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank" Vol. II   by Kevin J. Rich - 380 Pages, Hardbound.

These Volumes contain over 10,000 names of immigrants (Irish, German, English & others) representing 5,000 account holders who arrived in this country during the Irish Immigration in the mid 19th century.   Data included for each immigrant includes country & county of origin, ports of departure and entry, name of ship and date of arrival, residence at that period of time, occupation, names of known relatives, and other pertinent data relating to the physical appearance of the depositor.   All this comprehensive information was contained in the hand written records of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank.

"The Surnames of Ireland"  More than 4,000 Gaelic, Norman and Anglo-Irish surnames.  A detailed and compact guide giving a wealth of information on the background of Irish family names.  Paperback,  312 Pages. (Added April 2009)

"Irish Libraries"  Archives, Museums and Genealogical Centres by Robert K. O'Neill.  Paperback, 360 Pages. (Added April 2009)

"Researching Down Ancestors"  by Ian Maxwell.  A county guide for the family and local historian.  343 Pages. (Added April 2009)

"Irish Emigration 1801- 1921"  by David Fitzpatrick.  Ireland under the Union was a land which most people wanted to leave.  This pamphlet tackles several questions about Irish emigration.  Who left?  Why?  How?  The text is uncluttered with statistics, technicalities or references, but it is supplemented by several simple maps and diagrams, a brief glossary and an annotated bibliography.  Paperback, 52 Pages. (Added April 2009)

"The Plantation of Ulster: British settlement in an Irish landscape 1600 - 1670"  by Philip Robinson.

During the reign of James I, an official scheme was drawn up for the 'plantation' of designated areas in west Ulster.  However the actual area settled by the new colonies was much more extensive.

With them came innovation.  A radical transformation of the landscape began.  The spread of market-based rural economy resulted in a quite spectacular growth in urbanisation.  Permanent dwellings of a more sophisticated construction became the norm in many areas, and around the towns new field patterns emerged.  The spread of hedged enclosures heralded innovation in agricultural methods, tools, livestock and systems of land tenure.  In a more abstract sense, the settlers also brought with them new religion;, new language, new surnames and of course a change in political and historical allegiances.  Paperback, 254 Pages. (Added April 2009)

"Ulster Emigration to Colonial America 1718-1775"  by R. J. Dickson.  This book reflects on the migration in the eighteenth century of a quarter of a million people from Ulster to the New World.  It combines detailed investigation of the economic, social and political background to the exodus with information on the emigrant trade and an analysis of the motivations and origins of the emigrants themselves.  Paperback, 320 Pages. (Added April 2009)

"Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors" The essential guide to early modern Ulster, 1600- 1800  by William J. Roulston.  Whether your ancestors are of English, Scottish or Gaelic Irish origin, this book will be of enormous value to anyone wishing to conduct research in Ulster prior to 1800.  A comprehensive range of sources from the periods 1600-1800 are identified and explained in very clear terms.  Information on the whereabouts of these records and how they may accessed is also provided.  Equally important, there is guidance on how effectively they might be used.  Paperback, 262 Pages. (Added April 2009)

"Place Names of Northern Ireland"

Volume 1:  County Down I, Newry and South-West Down, covering the parish of Newry; Barony of Upper Iveagh - parishes of Clonallan, Donnaghmore, Drumgath, Kilbroney, Warrenpoint.  Compiled by Gregory Toner and Micheal B. O. Mainnin, (Gerard Stockman, General Editor).  240 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

Volume 2:  County Down II, The Ards, covering Barony of Upper Ards - parishes of Ardkeen, Ardquin;, Ballyphilip, Ballytrustan, Ballywalter, Castleboy, Inishargy, St. Andrew's and Ballyhalbert, Slanes, Witter; Barony of Lower Ards - parishes of Bangor, Donaghadee, Grey Abbey, Newtownards.  Compiled by J. Hughes and R. J. Hannan, (Gerard Stockman, General Editor).  322 pages, paperback. (Added May 2009)

Volume 3:  County Down 3: The Mournes, covering: Barony of Mourne - parish of Kilkeel; Barony of Upper Iveagh (Lower Half) parishes of Clonduff, Kilcoo.  Compiled by Micheal B. O. Mainnfn, (Gerard Stockman, General Editor).  269 pages, paperback. (Added May 2009)

Volume 4,  County Antrim I, The Baronies of Toome, covering: Barony of Toome Upper -parishes of Cranfield, Drummaul, Duneane, Grange of Ballyscullion, Grange of Shilvodan; Barony of Toome Lower - parishes of Ahoghill, Craigs, Kirkinriola, Portglenone.  Compiled by Pat McKay, (Gerard Stockman, General Editor).  336 pages, paperback. (Added May 2009)

Volume 5:  County Derry I, The Moyola Valley, covering; Barony of Loughinsholin - parishes of Ballynascreen, Ballyscullion, Desertmartin, Kilcronaghan, Killelagh, Maghera, Termoneey.  Compiled by Gregory Toner, (Gerard Stockman, General Editor).  302 pages, paperback. (Added May 2009)

Volume 6:  County down IV, North-West Down/Iveagh, covering: Barony of Iveagh - parishes of Aghaderg, Annaclone, Donaghcloney, Dromore, Drumballyroney, Garvaghy, Magheralin, Magherally, Moria, Seapatrick, Tullylish.  Compiled by Kay Muhr, (Gerard Stockman, General Editor).  444 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

Volume 7:  County Antrim II, Ballycastle and North-East Antrim, covering: Barony of Cary - parishes of Armoy, Ballintoy, Culfeightrin, Grange of Drumtullagh, Ramoan, Rathlin Island.  Compiled by Fiachra Mac Gabhann, (Nollaig O Muraile, General Editor).  432 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

Volume 8:  County Fermanagh I, Lisnaskea and District: the Parish of Aghalurcher, covering: Barony of Magherastephana - parishes of Aghalurcher (Fermanagh portion), Aghalurcher (Tyrone portion).  Compiled by Pat McKay, (Nollaig O Murafle, General Editor).  282 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Gravestone Inscriptions"

Belfast, Volume 1:  Shankill Graveyard and tablets in Christ Church and St. George's Church.  Published by Ulster Historical Foundation.  169 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

County Antrim, Volume 2:  Parishes Glynn, Kilroot, Raloo and Templecorran. Published by Ulster Historical Foundation.  174 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

Belfast, Volume 3:  Balmoral Cemetery, Friends' Burial Ground and Malone Presbyterian Church.  Published by Ulster Historical Foundation.  193 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Old Belfast Families and the New Burying Ground"

Belfast, Volume 4:  Gravestone Inscriptions, with Wills and Biographical Notes.  Compiled by A.C.W. Merrick, edited by R. S. J. Clarke.  Published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.   310 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Gravestone Inscriptions"

County Down, Volume 5:  (2nd Edition) Blaris, Kilmood and Killinchy.  Published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  234 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

County Down, Volume 18:  Annahilt, Eglantine, Hillsborough, Moira.  Published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  204 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"The Heart of Downe"

County Down, Volume 20:  Old Banbridge Families from Gravestone Inscriptions, Wills and Biographical Notes.  Edited R. S. J. Clarke, published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  175 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Old Families of Downpatrick and District"

County Down, Volume 21:  Gravestone Inscriptions, Wills and Biographical Notes.  Edited by R.S.J. Clarke, published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  169 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Funeral Register of the First Presbyterian Church of Belfast 1712-36"  Edited by Jean Agnew, published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  62 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Old Families of Newry and District"  County Down:  Gravestones Inscriptions, Wills and Biographical Notes.  Edited by R.S.J. Clarke, published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  249 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Merchants In Plenty"  Joseph Smyth's Belfast Directories of 1807 and 1808.  Includes an historical introduction and bibliography of Belfast directories to 1900.  By J.R.R. Adams, published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  99 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Nine Ulster Lives"  Ernest Walton, Atomic Scientist: Claude Auchinleck, Military Leader: Helen Waddell, Scholar and Author: John Lavery, Painter: Charles Gavan Duffy, Rebel and Statesman: John Dunlap, Printer: William Paterson, Lawyer and Politician: John Abernethy, Scholar and Ecclesiast: Owen Roe O'Neill, Solider and Politician.  Edited by G. O'Brien & P. Roebuck.  Published by Ulster Historical Foundation.  176 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"Overlooking The River Mourne"  Four Centuries of Family Farms in Edymore and Cavanalee in County Tyrone.  By Michael Cox, published by the Ulster Historical Foundation.  157 pages, paperback.  (Added May 2009)

"The Linen Houses of the Bann Valley"  The story of their families by Kathleen Rankin.  261 pages, hardback.  (Added May 2009)

"Voices of the Irish Immigrant: Information Wanted Ads in Truth Teller New York City 1825-1844"   by Diane Fitzpatrick Haberstroh, 2005: 262 Pages; Hard Cover  (Added November 2015)

"Irish Relatives and Friends: From 'Information Wanted' Ads in the Irish-American 1850-1871" by DeGarzia & Haberstroh, 2001; 464 pages; Soft Cover. (Added July, 2016)

"The People of Belfast, 1600-1799" by David Dobson, 2016; 157 pages; Soft Cover (Added November, 2016)

"Defenders of the Plantation of Ulster, 1641-1691" by Brian Mitchell, 2010; 64 pages; Soft Cover (Added November, 2016)

"Derry-Londonderry: Gateway to a New World. The Story of Emigration from the Foyle by Sail and Stream" by Brian Mitchell, 2014; 32 pages; Soft Cover (Added November, 2016)

"The Place Names of County Derry" by Brian Mitchell, 2016; 106 pages; Soft Cover (Added November, 2016

"Tracing Derry-Londonderry Roots by Brian Mitchell, 2014; 66 pages; Soft Cover (Added November, 2016

"Genealogist's Handbook for Irish Research" by Marie E. Daly, 2016; 200 pages; Soft Cover (Added 2017)

"The People of Cork,(Ireland) 1600-1799" by David Dobson, 2017; 119 pages; Soft Cover (Added 2017)

"The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Ancestors in Ireland" by Claire Santry, 2017; 239 pages; Soft Cover(Added 2017)

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"Polish Roots"  by Rosemary A. Chorzempa, 2014 2nd Ed.; 298 pages; Soft Cover (Added January 2015)

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"Scotland - An Encyclopedia of Places & Landscape"  by David Munro and Bruce Gittings.  The first comprehensive topographical guide to Scotland in over a century.  Published by Royal Scottish Geographical Society.  Hardcover containing 494 pages plus maps.  A great resource tool.  (Added December, 2009)

"A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada"  Vol. 2  Edited by Dr. David Munro, Director of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, and Bruce Gittings of the Department of Geography at Edinburgh University.  435 pages.  (Added April, 2010)

"An Inquiry into the Genealogy and Present State of Ancient Scottish Surnames; with the Origin and Descent of The Highland Clans and Family of Buchanan" by William Buchanan of Auchmar - Heritage Books - Softcover - 344 pages includes index. (Added May, 2010)

"The People of the Scottish Burghs: The People of Montrose, 1600-1799"  by David Dobson, 2014; 100 pages; Soft Cover (Added January, 2015)

"Scottish-American Gravestones, 1700-1900 Vols. 1 & 2" by David Dobson, 1998 and 2016; 105 and 158 pages; Soft Covers (Added, November, 2016)

"Dictionary of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825 Volume 8"& by David Dobson, 2017; 114 pages; Soft Cover. (Added 2017)

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"Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Europe, A Country by Country Atlas of European History, 1700s-1900s" by Allison Dolan, 2015; 224 Pages; Hard Cover (Added November, 2015)

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