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Using the DAR Lineage Books (Updated April 2018)

The Main Library Genealogy Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico has a complete set of the lineage books of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Volumes 1 to 166 cover the years from 1891 to 1921 at which time the DAR ceased issuing these books. The books are now at the Main Library and are accompanied by their indexes.

Several indexes and aids have been published to help researchers use these lineage books more effectively in their searches for patriot ancestors. The Main Library owns all of them. The most important of these are the indexes to the lineage books. Their use plus a few caveats will be discussed here.

First, there are 4 indexes. They are bound in two volumes. This means that you must look in each of the books twice—once in the front and once in the back of the book—to be sure that you do not miss your ancestor.

For example, if you are looking for Abel Grout in volumes 3 and 4, check first in the front portion and locate Grout on page 163 (volume 3), then again in the back section where he appears on page l60 (volume 4). The same procedure applies to volumes 1 and 2. Now in volume 3 on page 163, it says

88 107

This indicates the volume in the lineage books (vol 88) and the page number for that volume (p.107) on which you will find Able Grout. In volume 4, you will find two additional entries referring you to different volumes of the lineage books. Check all entries; there could be several. Each entry may represent a different lineage which could be helpful to you.

Take note that the indexes to the lineage books do not cover the last six volumes of the set, only volumes 1 to 160. The last six volumes must be checked by looking in their individual indexes located in the back of each book.

You should also be aware that the large indexes do not index the applicants who are accepted as DAR members. They index only the patriots. There is an index in each of the 166 volumes which lists the applicant/new member which means that if you search each of those 166 indexes. You might find one of your relatives or ancestors who became a DAR member if they joined prior to 1921. This could be a long and tedious job but a possibility for the dedicated searcher. For more recent applicants and their lineages, you must write to the DAR in Washington, D.C., for assistance. You may be referred to the local DAR Chapter in your area.

In addition to the Indexes to the Lineage Books, there are several volumes of the DAR Patriot Index. Volume I of that set contains the names of Revolutionary patriots, both men and women, whose descendants joined the DAR as of June, 1966. Names are listed alphabetically with birth and death dates (if known), name(s) of spouse(s), rank or type of service, and the state where the patriot lived noted. Also indicated is the existence of pension papers if that is known.

This index is complete in itself and does not lead you to any other sources in the lineage books, etc. When using the index, be sure to check alternative surname spellings.

In 1980 the DAR published volume II of the Patriot Index. It combines all the information from Supplements I, II and III, plus 2536 additional patriots, all identified and established between June 1966 and June 1979. Volume II also contains a section of Additions and Corrections to Volume I. A third section provides cross-references to names in Volume I and helps identify the alternative surname spellings mentioned earlier.

The latest supplement to the DAR Patriot Index was in 1982. It is arranged in a similar manner, with an Additions and Corrections section for both Volume I and II.

In 1986, a third volume of the Patriot Index was published. This is not an index of additional patriots. Rather it is an index to the spouses of DAR patriots named in Volumes I and II, both female and male. The 1982 Supplement had such an index and is excluded from this one.

This third volume refers the researcher to Volumes I and II of the DAR Patriot Index but no further. To pursue these lines or any more recent patriots, it is necessary to search the "New Lineages" columns in the monthly DAR Magazine or to contact the local DAR Chapter representatives for assistance.

The library does have a compilation of copies of the "New Ancestor Records", the " Corrections to the Patriot Index", and the "Located Graves of Patriots" which have been published in the DAR Magazine from 1980 to 1990. These are located in a brown notebook.

Until another supplement is issued, these will help the searcher. We hope that these instructions will help you in your use of the DAR records. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of the librarians.

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