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The AGS Quarterly has had an "UPDATE – DNA FOR AGS" feature since the November 2017 issue.

DNA is the newest frontier in genealogical research, and these articles provide information on how to use it for your research.

Below we provide links to DNA Update articles in PDF form.

Volume & Issue Date Name of Article Contributor
 Volume 42, Issue No. 3  November 2017 How to Find New Genetic Cousins by Transferring Your DNA  John Adam Farris
 Volume 43, Issue No. 4  February 2018 How to Find Even More Genetic Cousins & Analysis Tools by Transferring for FREE Your atDNA Results to GEDmatch.com  John Adam Farris
 Volume 44, Issue No. 2  May 2018 How to Determine the Closeness of Your Relationships with Your New Genetic Cousins  John Adam Farris
 Volume 44, Issue No. 3  August 2018 To Know Your DEEP ROOTS You Must Know Your HAPLOGROUPS  John Adam Farris
 Volume 44, Issue No. 4  November 2018 What can be Learned about Male Deep Roots from the Dated Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree?  John Adam Farris


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